Created by Robert Henderson and Abe Jasinowski

The “Cosmic Involution” the change of the universe from formlessness “Mo Yin” to infinite potential “Tai Chi” to universal opposites (duality) “Yin Yang” to the trilogy “Sahm Sien” the synthesis of Yin Yang to the four great directions “Sih Fong” to the five elements “Wu Han” and finally to the plum blossom with eight stamens in the center representing the Eight Trigrams “Ba Gua” the inner workings of all things. Our plum blossom logo is born of the cosmic involution and contains the transformative power of creation within it.

The five petals represent the five extremities - head, two arms, and two legs, their movement ranges, and the five elements - metal, earth, fire, water, and wood. The eight stamens represent the eight trigrams and eight directions.

The stamens are equal in length from the center, representing Wu Mei Pai's principle of force in all directions. The small dot at the end of the stamens represent the release of force out of the extremity but still within the range of movement.

The plum blossom blooms in the Winter (February) and appears without leaves. This flower therefore represents strength under adversity. It is the national flower of former Republic of China in Taiwan.